Just a Minute No 1


From the time of our birth when,

with empty hands we cling to our Mother,

Until the time of our death when,

with empty hands we cling to a hidden God.

We are looking for a belonging.


We are looking for a one-ing,

with someone or something or someplace.

There is a restlessness in the human heart

that nothing seems to ease or satisfy fully.


We have an appetite for more of everything.

There is never enough of anything.

We have a craving and capacity for the infinite.


Our human needs must be met is some measure

for health of mind and body.

However, it is when these needs are displaced

by our wants

that we begin a journey on a road that leads to unhappiness.


Most of the time we are not aware of this emptiness or loneliness.

We block it out by excessive activity and noise.


This emptiness is calling us into the depths of our hearts where the Spirit of God dwells.


God is the ground and depth of our being.

Fulfilment comes with an inward journey


A journey into the centre of our hearts.

A journey of faith.

It is the less travelled road which makes all the difference.