Just a Minute No 2


Without faith in our hearts,

human loneliness can mean what it has meant for so many over the years –

anguish and despair.


Yet, for the believer,

this painful experience of loneliness can, through an operative faith,

become an experience of Presence.


Our silent and often unconscious longing to belong and become, is incommunicable.


We do not even know the mystery of ourselves.


There are depths within us into which no one can enter – not even ourselves.


Only God can,

because the Spirit who is God is the centre of our being, closer to us than we are to ourselves.


On the holy mountain,

when Moses asked God, ‘what is your name? God replied, ‘ I am who am.’


Our am-ness comes to us from God,

who IS am-ness.


Each one’s experience of what it is to be human, the pain and the suffering,

the beauty and the wonder,

is very personal and unique.


Each of us is a secret of God that can never be shared fully with another.

The lover belongs as much as that.


In all our human loving,

it is God who loves, 

and it is God who is loved.


Only the Spirit of God can make us great lovers.