Just a Minute No 3


GodŐs love for us is not a general love for all

humankind. Rather it is always personal and

particular for each one. This love embraces

our whole life. There is nothing in our lives over the years that was not part of GodŐs

infinite wisdom and love.

Even the things in our life that we despise, the

things we wish had never happened. They are

all part of this strange and mysterious love.

God has no second thoughts about any of us.

We are loved just as we are, not as the person

we would like to be.

Love chose us to be as we are – and it is

precisely because we are as we are that God

works in and through us. It is in human

weakness that the power of our hidden God

can accomplish great things.

Just like human lovers who wish to spend time

alone in order to enjoy the mystery of each

other, God is all the time drawing us, claiming us,

calling us to that secret and lonely place

where lovers meet – the cave of the human

heart. God has loved, God loves and God must

love each one of us forever, just because

God is God.