Just a Minute No 4


The English poet, FrancisThompson,

spent many years battling with a drug addiction.

In his most famous poems, ‘The hound of heaven,’ he calls Christ ‘this tremendous lover.’

Christ never gives up on any of us

 no matter how far we run or how long we hide.

This is the real good news that we haven’t heard often enough.

Thompson wrote from the naked truth

in the . unconscious room of his heart.

He wrote; ‘I fled him down the nights and down the days….I fled him down the labrynthine ways of my own mind…. and in the mist of tears,

and under the cover of loud and running laughter…I hid from him.’

Isn’t that the story of every one of us?

Running and hiding like the first man and woman after they decided to go it alone.

Because of a false notion of God we try in vain to run and hide from the life-giving light of God. We cannot exist outside of God’s Presence.

God knows all. God see all.

And God understands all.

Jesus said; ‘Trust in God, trust also in me.

In my Father’s house there are many rooms.’

                                              (John. 14-1,2.