Just a Minute No 5


Toward the end of his poem,

The Hound of Heaven,

Francus Thompson realises that,

his very weakness was, after all, the most

important part of the story of

GodŐs personal love for him.

It was the shade of GodŐs hand

outstretched protectively and caressingly,

holding him, conserving him and giving to

him in every moment of his existence.

In the final verse of the poem Christ assures

him that all will be well;

ÔAh, fondest, blindest, weakest –

I am He whom thou seekest.

All which I took from thee I did but take,

not for thy harms, but just that you might

seek it in my arms.

All which your childŐs mistake

fancies as lost, I have stored for you at

home. Rise, clasp my hand and come.Ő