Just a Minute No 6


Saints are not like the lifeless statutes

we see in church, with their arms folded on their breast

and their eyes looking up to heaven!

Saints are men and women who say ‘YES’ to the

blinding  mystery of everyday life in the human condition.

It is not all wine and roses.

Far from it.

To be human is to be weak.

We long to love and be loved –

But we are half-hearted lovers!

Love demands us to be whole hearted, humble,

To accept our failures,

let them go and move on  

beginning again and again and again!  

It is in our beginnings

that we become great lovers.

Love demands us to be cheerful.

Cheerfulness is the surest sign

of courage in our hearts;

and courage in our hearts is saying ‘yes’ –

When we would love to say ‘no.’

Love costs no less than everything!