Just a Minute No 7


Our human needs

must be met in some measure

for health of mind and body.

It is when our desires or needs 

become inordinate or excessive

that we get caught by them and they become another false god in our lives,

promising us life and human fulfillment

but leaving us with an emptiness

deep inside.


The God of Jesus is an invasive

And life-giving God.

I will live in you, is the promise made by Jesus, to those who believe in him.

For our part, we need to make room in our hearts so that the Spirit can breathe,

live and love there.

It is good to be forewarned –

The Spirit of God, is a Spirit of Love.

When we allow this Spirit

To make its home in our hearts,

Our hearts will be broken with Love –

And it is a love we never get over!

This is true human fulfillment.