Just a Minute No 8


The measure of our faith

is the measure of our union with God.


In the human condition we can have

only a veiled knowing of God.


Many get discouraged from spending

time in prayer when they don’t have

some wonderful spiritual experience.

They think nothing is happening -

so why bother?


What happens in prayer is beyond us,

It is the work of the Spirit within us.

Our part is to ‘be there’

And just ‘sit with God.’


When we think ‘nothing’ is happening

we need to stay with the ‘nothing–ness.’


Our God is hidden beyond

the range of our intellect

and beyond the range of our senses.


Devotional prayer and the singing of

beautiful emotional hymns

can be part of the journey but not all of it,

God is more than an image or a feeling.

We need to move on to the depths of faith.


Jesus said to the Samaritan womam

‘God is a Spirit and only by the power of the Spirit

can people worship God

as God really is.’(John 4.24.)


This deeper intimacy with God

is not just for a chosen few.

It is for everyone!