Cistercian Monastery Of Bolton Abbey
Seeking God as a Way of Life

When we reflect on the New Testament we discover that the apostles, especially Peter and Paul, supported themselves by the labour of their own hands. Peter was a fisherman and Paul was a tent-maker. They were anxious not to be a burden on the young churches so they often had to work hard at their trades even whilst deeply involved in evangelization and apostolic work
Down the centuries monks have always (or almost always) placed a high value on supporting themselves through their own labours. We are also aware that manual work can become a ‘flight from God.’ Feverish activism is an ill not uncommon in today’s society. It is a matter of balance and harmony between work, prayer and spiritual reading. The modern-day American monk, Thomas Merton, put it very succinctly when he said “If you can live on one dollar a day, why would you want to work for two000_0030 - Copy000_0030 - Copybenedictines working 704